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Long dark hair and stunning curves, the beautiful and Sexy Amelia Talon creates a nice silhouette for her semi-revealing shot. She slightly rests her head back to let her locks flow down her back. She has alluring looks and her shoulders are broad enough for her frame. Her breasts may not be that big but her nipples are perked up and ready for some fun. As she takes off her black leather jacket, she arches her back, somewhat creating an S-shape on her body. She has nicely toned abs and curved sexy hips. That leather animal print pants she’s wearing is somehow inspiring her to be erotic.

Amelia Talon


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Drawing close to the camera, Amelia Talon is giving a strip tease and she’s making sure you’re looking at her. As she pushes her eyebrow up while tilting her head, you can see her nice facial bone structure. Her long dark locks rests on her back and it is kept away from her face with that ribbon on her hair. She slightly hunches her back towards the camera as she slowly pulls down her bra. Arms crossed, her hands pull both ends of her top, gently revealing that plump treasure on Amelia’s chest. It won’t be long now before her hooters would pop out to full exposure.

Amelia Talon Model


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Contrasting the cozy and floral background of the living room set up is Amelia Talon Model. She decides to take the floral couch as a posing mark and she ain’t wasting any time to strike a pose. With her head resting back and hair flowing down her back as well, Amelia slightly positions her body to the side. We can still get a nice view of her body features from this angle. As she pulls down her button down blazer, she pushes up her shoulders and flashes her small perky breasts. She clutches down her crotch area using the excess part of her blazer to cover her pussy.

Amelia Talon Stockings


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The dominating and tempting feel of this Amelia Talon Stockings photo is just overpowering. With the setting in a house’s library, Amelia positions herself on the cozy wide seat she found by the bookshelf. Head to the side, she slowly gathers and pulls down her black top using her two hands. With this, she has revealed her humble sized melons that are topped with perky tits. As she curves slightly to the side with her hips, she puts her legs together to cover her pussy. That stocking she’s wearing is such a giveaway as you can see everything when she puts her legs apart!

Amelia Talon Picture


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This Amelia Talon Picture is saying that outdoor chores can be turned into a fun and kinky activity. In the middle of the day, Amelia goes out of her backyard wearing a white one-piece dress. Since she’s just at home by herself, there’s no need to wear a bra and a panty. As soon as she felt her cue, she gathers her piece of clothing with her hands and strikes a pose on camera. She keeps her stare as she exposes her small breasts. She slightly maneuvers her lower body to the side to create a sexy shape and squeezes her smooth pussy using her flawless legs.

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Curious about the size of Boobs Amelia Talon has? It can be quite tricky as she’s wearing a snug fit corset in today’s shoot. Taking her spot on the brown leather couch, she uses her hands to support her body as she creates a sultry pose for the camera. She lets her hair flow down her shoulders and back. With her one shoulder pushed up, she puts her weight to the side to make a nice curve with her body. That black lace and hot pink color of her corset fits her perfectly and emphasizes her sexy figure. Her legs are covering her pussy as she ain’t wearing some panties on.

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It’s time for a nice bath with Hot Babe Amelia Talon! Most of the time, a simple bath would freshen us up or beat the heat of the day. However, when you are joined by this orange haired temptress, things will have a wild twist to it. Amelia plunges in the tub in a nice bubble bath that she had prepared. As she lifts herself up among the suds, she gently lathers the soap on her body as she keeps her stare on the camera. Her small breasts, luckily, wasn’t covered with too much soap so we can get a good peek.

Naked Model Amelia Talon


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In a very commanding pose, we find Naked Model Amelia Talon by the living room couch stripped off her clothes. The only thing left is her panty that’s hanging on her foot. Care to pick it up from her foot? She gives a very inviting look on the camera with her face slightly covered by her long dark brown hair. She body is angled slightly to the side, revealing her small breasts with perky tits. She crosses over her flawless leg and she holds it extended so that it would cover her pussy. She gently strolls her hands on her legs and uses her other hand for support.

Amelia Talon Lingerie


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Taking an outdoor shoot to a whole new level, this Amelia Talon Lingeries shot was taken on the front door of her house. She doesn’t care if somebody else would see her wearing only minimal pieces of clothing on her sexy body… she has all the right to flaunt anyway. As she poses on the half open door, Amelia faces her body to the back showing a nice profile of her side body angle. She looks over her shoulder and we can see the side of her breasts. Her arm is slightly pulling off her lingerie and we can sight her fine round rear too.

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There’s more about the small perky Tits Amelia Talon has on her chest. She may not be gifted with a huge size breast but she has a whole lot of features that work together to make her a very sultry lady. She lays down comfortably on the bed and lets her long locks flow down to her shoulders. Her eyes are slightly squinting as she stares on camera while biting a finger… has she been very naughty? Pushing slightly her chest out, you can see her humbles sized breasts on full exposure. She overlaps her leg to cover her pussy and make her hips pop to the side.